Repeatable Success

Software development that repeatedly hits the mark each & every time requires a proven recipe for success. Each software project is unique in terms of business objectives, environment and constraints yet each project needs to be delivered with equal efficacy & client satisfaction, within the budget and on-time – CECSoft does it all wonderfully with their repeatable processes.

Technological Breadth

If you only have a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail. Likewise, if your IT provider understands only one/limited platforms or technologies, then chances are they will try using it even while it’s not the most appropriate solution.

CECSoft has a vast IT talent pool trained across technologies. This breadth of our experience comes to play while creating the most appropriate solution for your IT business needs.

Project Delivery Location Flexibility

CECSoft is extremely flexible in terms of the delivery location. Whether its on-site, off-shore or a judicious mix of the two, we go completely by your prerogative. We can either depute our skilled IT resources at your premises or setup an offshore software development team at our India labs. We can also depute our on-site project coordinator who will manage the offshore team and be your single point of contact for the entire project management & delivery.

Our own offices in the US & other global locations offer accountability and our low cost India offshore software development labs offer cost reduction & profit maximization opportunities.

Collaborative Solutions Approach

We encourage interactivity among our developers & programmers for cross-pollination of ideas and experiences. This way we have built a huge cumulative knowledge pool which has solution for almost any requirements that our clients have. When you hire CECSoft for your IT, Software and Web development projects, you can bank on our rich knowledge pool and the round-the-clock expert guidance that is available to the team from our senior project managers and directors.