Behind us, stands years of technical experience in building applications for manufacturing companies. Our consultants will understand your business needs, and fulfill them using the latest technologies. We have worked in applications automating Purchasing, Sales and Distribution, Inventory management, Production line, Accounting and Supply Chain Management.

Our people have the capability to look at your business from different points of view and provide solutions that are best suited for your scenarios. With our global team of engineers and software developers, we apply deep skills across a broad range of technical disciplines with a distinct cost-benefit advantage. But what really differentiates CECsoft is our disciplined approach to delivering solutions that re-engineer businesses, and working with clients to ensure their long-term success.

CECsoft expertise and knowledge makes us your best choice IT solutions provider for the manufacturing industry. From simple desktop calculations to complex end-to-end systems, we have a proven track record of providing tools that improve efficiency and eliminate errors.


We’ve developed the following types of systems for our customers. Call today and find out what we can do for your company.

  • Modeling and Design Tools
  • Product Configuring Software
  • Ecommerce and Online Order Systems
  • Estimating and Sales Tools
  • Inventory & Procurement Management
  • Project Collaboration and Management Systems
  • Quote to Order (Q2O) Systems
  • System Integration
  • IT Staffing

Value Proposition

  • Cost Reduction - Our solution reduces costs in two very distinct ways. First, our offshore model minimizes development costs, providing the most cost-effective approach for any IT budget. Second, our systems provide meaningful ROI through applied technology.
  • Customer Satisfaction - When manufacturers apply information technology towards doing business in a better way, customers experience increased turnaround times, improved experience, better quality, and competitive costs.
  • Resource Freeing - Improve the bottom line by freeing resources for less repetitive or more complex tasks. Or, help your top line by freeing resources for more customer facing activities.
  • Knowledge Retention - Don’t let organizational knowledge retire with the workforce. Automation helps knowledge and process retention in two ways. First, it captures knowledge from the few heroes that know how to get things done and builds it into the system. Second, it increases job satisfaction by allowing these most capable employees to grow into more important roles.
  • Work Reduction - Integrated systems can eliminate redundant efforts throughout the company while sharing common information with various departments. Imagine no duplication of work and enhanced employee productivity, not to mention the reduction in operational costs.
  • Improved Quality – Eliminate errors and the costs that come with them by automating repetitive and complex tasks, reducing redundant work, and eliminating disparate systems.

Give us a call to find out how you can:

  • Track orders from acceptance through fulfillment
  • Track the revenue cycle from invoice through cash receipt
  • Manage interdependencies of complex Bill of Materials
  • Track the 3-way match between Purchase orders (what was ordered), Inventory receipts (what arrived), and Costing (what the vendor invoiced)
  • Track your Revenue, Cost and Profit on a granular level