CECSoft is an IT Solutions company based in the D.C. metro area that provides a broad range of IT services and offshore outsourcing solutions to large and medium-sized businesses. Our expertise and people to help companies streamline operations and maximize IT investments.

Our project management capabilities and software development processes are the key to ensuring successful IT solutions. We have a broad range of experience developing web applications, client-server solutions, geographic information systems, database management systems, and bridging or extending existing applications. In a field where technologies change quickly and project costs escalate, CECSoft can help set priorities, developing phased approaches, and keep projects under control.

Our staffing capabilities help our clients access specialized skills while completing projects in a shorter timeframe and with less investment. We provide the most cost effective blend of onsite and offshore resources for both short-term and long-term assignments. Our model minimizes communication burdens imposed on clients, build intra-team relationships, and foster long-term sustainable delivery success.

With CECSoft you can achieve shorter software development cycles, faster time to market, at a reduced cost.