CECSoft can free up your resources by augmenting your staff with ours. Our resources can work offshore, near-shore in our US offices, or onsite at your location. The best solution is often a mix of onsite and offshore efforts.

The flexibility that is provided by outsourcing allows you to maximize your investment for the best return. Which one of the following strategies best matches your needs?

Outsource Maintenance

Free up internal resources by relieving them from the responsibility of maintaining existing applications. This allows work on cutting edge technologies, and next-generation products to progress without interference. Allowing CECSoft to handle the backlog of work on current software, lets you put your key resources on the projects that are most critical to future growth.

Outsource R&D

As companies head in new directions, thorough R&D is an important part of mitigating risk. If the next generation picture is not clear, CECSoft can help you understand your options at a greatly reduced cost. Thorough R&D efforts can be both expensive, and rewarding. But limiting the R&D efforts can leave the best solution undiscovered. With CECSoft you can reduce your R&D expenses and conduct more thorough searches for the best future path.

Outsource New Applications

Instead of outsourcing maintenance, it often makes sense to keep current teams focused where they are most efficient, and develop all or part of new applications with a CECSoft team.

Outsource GUI & DB

Application work can be compartmentalized to keep the core competency work at your organization, and move peripheral pieces to a least cost provider. Often it is internal algorithms, processes and business rules that are the key to your business. CECSoft can develop generic pieces such as user interfaces and databases layers, allowing key resources to focus on what is key to your business.