Our Value Proposition

We help companies realize higher returns through offshore, onshore and onsite IT services. With CECSoft you can achieve shorter cycles in software development & maintenance, faster time to production, at a reduced cost. Most importantly, we build relationships designed for success so that our customers avoid outsourcing risks.

There are common ways to use outsourcing as a strategic advantage. We help our customers choose the right fit for them and eliminate risks in their approach.

  • Achieve Peak Performance with Specialized Skills – Companies cannot hire and maintain experts at every skill set. They also cannot maintain the quantity of resources that aren’t required for an extended period of time. But they can achieve the same effect, at a reduce cost, through good vendors. CECSoft strives to be such a vendor in everything we do.
  • Increase Focus on Your Core Business – Focus on your competence while we focus on ours. Outsourcing frees resources and management from having to master the inner-workings of a supporting activity.
  • Lower Costs – Lower hourly costs help our customers satisfy more resource demands that increase existing strengths or add new skill sets.
  • Improve Your Processes –Not all companies manage projects efficiently and can improve significantly. Training and organic change is not the best solution because only real life experience can show what works in specific cases; and this experience takes time to acquire. Our experience helps customers see how to improve their own processes while advancing their own projects.
    Applying these principals seems straight forward but there are pitfalls that are all too common. What can be outsourced and what cannot? How do you transition, ramp up, or scale down? How do you maintain flexibility and reduce risk? We answer these questions after strategic planning that is intent on assuring customer success.

Call CECSoft today to see how you can:

  • Offload supporting tasks and focus on core business
  • Improve or obtain new capabilities
  • Reduce development costs
  • Maximize R & D efforts
  • Tighten schedules and decrease time to production
  • Satisfy spikes in resource requirements
  • Maintain legacy applications while creating cutting edge technology