Client: XSite Validation LLC.

Project: Complete solution for generating real estate validation score and reports.

Business Situation/Requirement

  • To automate XSite real estate validation and scoring business.
  • Online account creation process to corporate and individual users.
  • Online report package purchase and check out facility.
  • Locate the particular piece of property and choose the intended use of the property
  • Gather various demographic data (population information, competitors’ information etc.) for the selected location from different data sources.
  • Generate detailed report for the piece of land against the intended use.
  • Calculate the XRI score to indicate the viability of intended use for particular location.
  • Download the generated report in different formats (PDF, Word, Excel or HTML).
  • Admin functionalities for Report Package setup, discount setup & promotion code setup.
  • Admin functionality for Intended Use setup.
  • Admin functionality for payment tracking and offline payments management.
  • Account / Profile management functionality.
  • Various reports for Sales tracking, Usage Tracking & Payments Tracking.
  • User Role based authentication and authorization.

Solution provided

  • To automate XSite real estate validation and scoring business.
  • The system is a completely automated tool.
  • Helps users creating and managing their accounts online
  • Automated process to view, select and purchase available report packages
  • Automated process to locate particular location using integrated Google Maps API
  • Automated process to key in and submit the required input parameters to generate detailed report
  • Automated process to check status of submitted report and notifying user once process is completed
  • Facility to download the generated reports instantly
  • Facility to view/download all previously generated reports for reusability
  • Easy and fully secured check out process
  • Easy application configuration/administration functionalities
  • The system provides truly professional reports in desired format (PDF, excel etc.) almost instantaneously anywhere in the world.
  • Very simple No user training is required.
  • Easy online access


  • No need for XSite customers to wait for an attendant from XSite team to help them for their real estate needs.
  • As XSite customers can get themselves what they want, XSite team can concentrate more on business development.
  • Increases the radius of XSite business beyond limited geographical boundaries
  • The application can be accessed anywhere from the world and is a complete solution for generating real estate validation score and reports.