Client: Merchant & Evans Inc.

Project: The system is a completely CMS tool.

Business Situation/Requirement

  • To manage the Purchase Order for all the inventory and non-inventory items
  • To maintain a Database and provide a user interface for managing the Inventory of raw materials, WIP, finished goods and accessories. Also, to provide a method of tracking the non-inventory items
  • To manage the entire project life cycle starting from the inquiry till the shipping and invoice generation
  • To manage the Sales invoice
  • To integrate Accounts receivables and the accounts payable with the Accounting application used by M&E (Peach Tree)
  • To manage the Zipper tool renting
  • To manage the Zipper tool repairs
  • To set and calculate the Sales Commission for each of the Sales rep for a project
  • To migrate all the relevant data from the existing 3 databases; Merchant, Inventory and Followup
  • To manage various user roles within the application

Solution provided

  • The system is a completely automated tool.
  • Helps handling Inventory procurement from various locations.
  • Automated Processed inventory procurement process.
  • Automated Inventory management process.
  • The system also provides basic Project management for each job handled by M&E.
  • The system provides truly professional reports almost instantaneously anywhere in the world.
  • Very simple No user training is required.
  • Easy online access.


The software can be accessed anywhere from the world and is a complete solution for creating purchase orders and inventories.