Client: LiteSteel Technologies

Project: LSB© Selector will help the users with analyzing LSB© beams against different types and combinations of loads.

Business Situation/Requirement

  • Ability to install the software on a PC with a suitable operating system
  • Ability to capture beam data from the user.
  • Ability to take the load information entered by the user.
  • Ability to show the beam inputs in form of dynamic 2D images and the plan.
  • Analyzing the beam for different types of loads entered by the user.
  • Ability to enter data in either US Imperial or Metric Units.
  • Reporting the results for each span.
  • Ability to save the data related to beam analysis and the results as well.
  • Viewing the saved information for a project.
  • Ability to generate text as well as graphic reports.
  • Providing the help.
  • Providing Licensing to the Product.

Solution provided

The application will provide the user an easy flow of inputs, textual reports and graphic output.

In order to design and develop the new software application, CECSoft will follow the standard Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). The requirements portion of this project will cover the definition of functionality to be addressed, analysis of business processes and requirements, and design elements of the system; all of which shall be documented in the specification.


The software is intended to provide design professionals and regulatory agencies with the confidence and ability of performing continuous beam analysis and selection of LiteSteel beam products through a single interface, which is intuitive, addresses common design scenarios and meets industry standards.

LSB© Selector is a desktop application, which will help the users with analyzing LSB© beams against different types and combinations of loads.

This application performs the LiteSteel beam analysis in two modes: One, where the user selects the beam size for evaluation and the other, where the application selects the most efficient size (based on loads entered by the user). The application, then, displays the output and generates the report.