Client: Galaxy Metal Products, LLC

Project: Custom software application.

Business Situation/Requirement

Galaxy hopes to automate much of the overall process with an optimum mix of off-the-shelf products and custom software applications. Galaxy would like to begin with the identified bottleneck in order to relieve stress at that point, relieve staff from processing repetitive tasks so that they can concentrate on improving other processes, and build the capability to handle increased quantities of orders.

The current bottleneck lies in processing orders so that they can be handed off to the manufacturing group. Currently individuals manually use Excel and AutoCAD to build artifacts (Schedules, Shop Drawings and Listings) for the Architect to review and then for Manufacturing to start production.

Currently staff members manually create these artifacts by building AutoCAD and Excel templates, manually applying these templates to the appropriate situations, editing values within the templates, and sorting and grouping records.


Solution provided

Potential solutions involve a central SQL database, a business logic application layer, and a reporting layer to streamline the processing of orders, reduce errors and free key players for more demanding tasks. One scenario might eliminate the need to use AutoCAD and Excel entirely for the majority or standard configurations.

These applications might still be used to process special case situations. A second scenario might instead employ the current AutoCAD and Excel but customize these applications so that they can automate more of the process.


  • Provided the user friendly interface.
  • Automated the report generation in MS Excel.
  • Automated the drawing generation in Auto CAD.
  • Application is now working on latest technologies.