CECsoft has extensive experience in delivering payments solutions to our clients. Our clients include merchants (both small and large) as well as payment gateways.
These clients have common objective, to save money by outsourcing complex and expensive payment processing integrations to a cost-effective solutions provider - CECsoft >>>
CECsoft expertise and knowledge makes us your best choice IT solutions provider for the construction industry. From simple desktop calculations to complex CAD modeling solutions, we have a proven track record of providing tools that improve efficiency and eliminate costly errors. >>>
Software development that repeatedly hits the mark each & every time requires a proven recipe for success. Each software project is unique in terms of business objectives, environment and constraints yet each project needs to be delivered with equal efficacy & client satisfaction, within the budget and on-time – CECsoft does it all wonderfully with their repeatable processes. >>>
About Us
CECsoft is an IT Solutions company based in the D.C. metro area that provides a broad range of IT services and offshore outsourcing solutions to large and medium-sized businesses. Our expertise and people help companies to streamline operations and maximize IT investments. Our project management capabilities and software development processes are the key to ensuring successful IT solutions. .>>>