Agile Payment Consulting

CECsoft offers consulting, development and deployment services to organizations who want to optimize, modify and add functionalities to their payment systems. We are a payment organization and that is what we do, so our consultants understands the nuances of payment applications of your industry, and offer solutions to address your particular needs. The entire range of Payment Consulting services offered by us include:
  - Payment system planning, development and optimization
  - Developing of payment interfaces with banks and processors
  - Support for alternative payment methods
  - Enhancing product features

Merchants in the US today are faced with many challenges when it comes to payment processing.  From an approach that centered on the age old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” merchant’s these days, are finding it increasingly imperative to adopt new systems and technologies to stay competitive and profitable. Merchant’s can no longer afford to survive the onslaught of market forces with their old payment systems; system’s which are probably ‘old enough to drink.”.

In the seemingly chaotic payment landscape dotted with complex certifications, consumer demand for newer and smarter payment methods, fraudulent transactions, a continuous mandate to comply  with latest third party payment processors , - the panacea for the merchant’s is not a ‘revolutionary’ payment system but a payment system with an ‘evolutionary’ DNA.